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BAYC Slot Machine Guide

The BAYC Slot Machine Game is the first of many, truly permissionless and decentralized blockchain casino games powered by Coinbet.
Coinbet BAYC Slot Machine Game Tutorial

2. Click Connect Wallet

We support Metamask, Coinbase and Wallet Connect.
Connect Wallet

3. Adjust the amount you want to bet in MATIC

You can use the + and - buttons to choose the amount you want to bet
The minimum bet is 1 MATIC. The maximum bet depends on the amount staked in the corresponding House Pool.
Let's say there is 1000 MATIC and the max bet multiplier is 40. In this case, the maximum bet cannot be more than 40 MATIC.
P.S. You don't have to deposit any MATIC in our contracts. Coinbet's slot game is non-custodial and everytime you bet, the amount is sent with the transaction you have submitted.
Select Bet Amount

4. Hit the Spin Now button

Hitting the Spin Now button broadcasts a transaction to the network, where a random number is requested from Chainlink's VRF Service.
The bet amount is transferred from the player's wallet to the respective House Pool.
Once Chainlink's oracle returns a verified random number, the bet is settled and depending on the outcome, the player receives his/hers prize directly in their wallet.
In the case the bet is lost, it remains in the House Pool where the rewards providers keep it for their profit.
Spin Now

Game Parameters

  • RTP - 97.22%
  • Hit Rate - 44%
  • Minimum Bet - 1 MATIC
  • Coinbet Fee on every bet - 2%